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March 17, 2006



No, I find myself drawn to the cosy.


Those socks look great! I too, have been "feeling like ass" the last week or so. Everyone around me has got colds or phenumonia. I like those tissue box covers and I might even try to make one...maybe I'll feel a bit better if I do. :)


I have to ask....do the tissue paper boxes get cold, somehow? And wouldn't vertical cables be a bit more slimming on them?


I think it must have been the fever, personally, but then, I hate the look of tissue boxes too. and in fact, I hate tissues in general.

but I love the socks! and I am glad you are all better!


I LOVE the kleenex cozies!! I went through a phase where I made a bunch of those but I used stuff from the fabric store, like really fuzzy pink material (fun fur material) and sewed them together. My house looked like the set of a bordello heh heh.

I hope you feel better soon :)


Lovely socks! I hope J. is feeling better.


You are a crochet goddess. Absolutely.


maryse, you crack me up. those are some awesome tissue cozies and thank god you love them, because wouldn't it suck to spend the time on them and then hate them? exactly.

hope you feel better soon!! two weeks is a long time to feel crappy...


I love the box covers. Get well soon.


I think they are cute! and what a good way to use up stash yarn ;) Love the socks! I always have that problem too - being nervous about yardage and ending up with a lot leftover... they look great at that length though!

Funny, I didn't see Martha's name on the PS list!

Have a great weekend!

Beth S.

I'll say this for your tissue covers--they're nicely shaped and they fit the boxes well. :-)


Dude, you are really starting to worry me. Those are just... beyond.


Felted Fair Isle Tissue Cozies...tee hee hee hee hee....you guys are killing me.

I'll have you know that your recent crochet adventures have warped me in some very fundamental way. How do I know this? I went out of my way to go to Michael's last night to get Sugar-n-Cream so that I could crochet a washcloth (which I did)....er, and maybe I was thinking about my poor naked soap dispensers....



and now you're making **matching** tissue cozies. I'm speechless.

julia fc

Looking at your tissue box covers makes me want to knit one, in fair isle, and felt it. Stop me, please!


Hahaha--your tissues will not catch a cold now!


I'm sorry you've been sick. If I had known, I'd have brought you some chicken soup!


Heh, I think it's perfectly normal to want to clothe anything you've had such a close personal relationship with as you've had with that tissue box for the past few weeks!

Your socks turned out really cool - what yarn was that? Very Project Spectrum, and reminding me quite a bit of the socks I just finished knitting, colorwise.

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