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February 28, 2006



I'll see you one hand-soap cozy, and raise you one tissue-box cover. No, not really, but wouldn't kitschy knitting poker be a great idea?


Um, I kind of love the soap cozies, but this is coming from a woman who crocheted a dress for a soap dispenser, along with a matching Barbie doll wearing a dress that hides a roll of toilet paper thingie once.

Bookish Wendy

Ohhhh I want hand soap cozie's please, pretty please?!!!


Love that pink house! Can't wait to see it as a doorstop!


Awesome. Is there anything you can't do?

Beth S.

Yep, she's multi-talented all right!

I think you need to experiment with filet crochet, otherwise you won't be able to see when the hand soap needs refilling. ;-)


you definately don't lack in hobbies ;)


That pink doorstopper house is so Bermuda!


Whoohoo! Go needlepoint! Thanks Maryse - I think you're awesome for all your craft talents. :)


You are one productive gal. Guess what? On Sunday night, I sat down with the book and did some crocheting -- loved it!


The soap cozies are very cute ;-) love the needlepoint. I'm a cross stitcher as well and almost 'cheated' on my knitting with it last night but fell asleep instead *sigh*

julia fc

I saw you noodling with the needle at the party, you slut!


Cool! Have you ever done cross stitch?


Hand soap cozies? Good thing you didn't whip those out at the Closing Ceremonies - we SO would have made fun of you.


Love the needlepoint. I've got a monster floral canvas that my Mom bought me for Christmas years ago. It's one of those projects that is so big, it's intimidating.


Hmm, the soap cozies don't look that kitschy to me... That needle point is amazing! I always picture myself ending up with nothing but bloodstains in the end. :)


Dude - you're killin' me. You're just way too multi-talented. :)

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